Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photos of bike parts

Walter Lai has just sent me these photos that he has taken of some of the parts in my collection.
What great photos they are, of some wonderful parts.

This is a CCM Prolight front hub from around 1935. The quality is excellent. It is nickel plated. That oiler is handy. One didn't use grease in those days, not if one wanted the most free running hubs

This is a Campagnolo large flange Gran Sport hub. Note that it is 'double sided' for fixed sprocket or for a multiple freewheel.

This is the matching front Campag GS hub. The pair is from around 1956 and are as smooth today as anything around.
The hubs have chrome steel barrels and aluminum flanges. They were made for Campagnolo by the Italian company FB.
The barrels are engraved with the Campagnolo trade mark and the flanges are engraved FB.
I think that these are just about the finest looking hubs ever.

Gnutti was another Italian company that produced fine bike parts in the fifties. These slender, chromed steel cranks were a bit on the heavy side but sure looked beautiful.

All photographs by Walter Lai. www.walterlaidesign.com


Brucer said...

Great shots, Mike. Hope there's more.

Anonymous said...

I have Gnutti cranks and Stronglight alloy rings from my old Viking "Tour of Britain" - about 1953.

Nelson said...

Thanks for sharing the bike parts picture. I am also a bike lover and looking for a company for buying parts for my bike.

Nelson said...

Thanks for sharing the nice shot of bike parts. I am also looking for any supplier that offering these bike parts in USA please share any sources if you have any.

Kurtkraft said...

I had an Olmo Track bike from late 50's early 60's with a Gnutti splined steel crankset. Nolt the best design with right hand threads both sides. but a thing of beauty.