Friday, October 30, 2009

The Bianchi brakes

In my last post I made mention of the Bianchi with the hidden rod brake system. I was baffled as to how it was possible to hide those rods inside the frame, particularly through the steering column and into the down tube.
Friend and Italian bike aficionado Steven Massland has supplied the answer.

This shows the mechanism fitted to a Taurus bike but the Bianchi has to be similar.
The purple/yellow parts are to the rear brake and the green parts are to the front. Quite simple when one knows how.
Still quite a caper for the mechanic to assemble however.

The Taurus

The Bianchi was rather more complicated as the brake stirrup was mounted on the seat stays and the connecting rods went through the b/b and up the seat tube instead of exiting the b/b as on this Taurus

The front brake on the Bianchi is somewhat more complicated too as the connections are hidden within the fork crown and blades before exiting at the stirrups. Taurus is cheating a bit here.

Details of the Taurus bike can be found at:

Many thanks to Steven Maasland for his help


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Murray said...

Mike, great to read your tales - loved the Peloso one. And great to hear of your recent rides. Are you still selling your old stock of frames/bikes?
Murray Treloar, Oshawa

Elliott Broidy said...

Never used these before!

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